20:00 — 22:00
KHG Bayreuth
Emil-Warburg-Weg 17

KHG Bayreuth, 95447 Deutschland
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Lade Veranstaltungen
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Students from different African countries throw light on the history and present of their homeland. How was German or British colonial rule perceived in their time – and what impact does it still have today? How can we stop being stuck in post-colonial attitudes and become change agents for a better future? There will be three keynote speeches, yet all those present are cordially invited to share their experiences, too.

The main keynote speech will be given by Dyoniz Kindata, Tansania: “German Colonialism in German East Africa: Between indigenous language development, power and knowledge production.”

There will be additions on the topic of “The disappearance of African indigenous languages” (John Eboim Yajalin, Ghana) and on the topic of “Storytelling for the Future” (Catheline Bosibori Nyabwengi, Kenya).

Please note: There will be African food, but it will be served after the African prayer service and before the African cultural evening (between 19.15 and 20.00 hrs).





Januar 25
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