13:30 — 15:00
KHG Bayreuth
Emil-Warburg-Weg 17

KHG Bayreuth, 95447 Deutschland
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The Bible unites all Christians – so we’re going to share it ecumenically.

We’re going to use the method of “bible sharing”: reading a short text and meditating on it. What has it to say for me, for my life, but also for us as a community?

The group will take place alternately at KHG and ESG. Dates for the second part of winter semester:

January 13th at ESG

January 20th at KHG

January 27th at ESG

February 3rd at KHG

February 10th at ESG



Februar 3
13:30 - 15:00
KHG Bayreuth
|Serientermin für Veranstaltung (Alle anzeigen)

Eine Veranstaltung, die im Abstand von 1 Woche(n) um 13:30 Uhr am Donnerstag stattfindet und bis 10. Februar 2022 wiederholt wird.