Welcome to the winter semester 2023/24!

Programme winter semester 2023/24

1. Groups and regular events:

Monday, 7.00 am (fortnightly from 16 October): KHG Early Morning Prayer
Atmospheric morning prayer, arranged by students, followed by breakfast. In the weeks in between “Prayer and Breakfast” in the ESG.

Monday, 18.00 (weekly from 23 October): Theatre group “The Black Sheep”
Our “Black Sheep” put on a new play every semester. If you would like to be on stage, you should join us by the third meeting at the latest. Technicians and creative people for lighting, stage design, costumes, make-up etc. are also welcome. You can join us in these areas at any time!

Tuesday, 20.00 (weekly from 17 October): KHG bar evening
THE weekly KHG get-together for everyone with a colourful programme of education, culture and community.

Wednesday, 12.00 (weekly from 18 October): Lunch break for body and soul.
We meet for a meditative midday impulse in the chapel, afterwards (around 12.30 pm) we spoon vegetarian (but rich!) soup together. All are welcome!

Wednesdays, 13.30-15.00 (weekly, throughout): German course for refugees
Students give free German lessons for refugees. Please enquire if you are interested!

Wednesday, 18.00-19.30 (weekly): Yoga
Open Yoga lesson in Ukrainian and English. Just come!

Wednesday, 19.45 (weekly from 11 October): Gospel Choir Bayreuth
Our ecumenical gospel choir from KHG and ESG rehearses weekly in the chapel. New singers are always welcome!

Thursday, 18.00 (weekly from 12 October): Latin Rhythms dance
Open free dance class with various Latin American dances.

Thursday, 20.00 (weekly from 12 October): Swahili Choir Bayreuth
If you like to sing and dance to lively African rhythms, this is the place for you!

Friday, 11.00 am (weekly from 20 October): German course for refugees
Students give free German lessons for refugees. Please enquire if you are interested!

Friday, 6.30 pm (weekly from 20 October): Dance class Salsa and Bachata
Open dance course free of charge, joining possible at any time

Friday, 8.00 pm (monthly): German-Chinese regulars’ table
Chinese students organise theme evenings on Chinese culture or simply invite people to talk.
Dates in winter semester 2023/24: 27 October, 17 November, 12 January, 9 February


2. Individual events:

Wed, 11.10., 17.30 Sip and Paint (creative evening as part of the Welcome Week for
international students, in cooperation with ESN)

Thu, 12.10., 17.00 Welcome Café (not only) for international students – ecumenical, in the ESG

Sat, 14.10., 16.00 Deutschland for Beginners. Introductory evening to German culture for international students, in cooperation with ESN

Mon, 16.10., 7.00 a.m. First morning prayer with breakfast (then fortnightly)

Mon, 16.10., 19.00 Campus evening at the University of Bayreuth

Tue, 17.10., 20.00 KHG Bar Evening: Kennenlernabend – Welcome Evening
Open evening with get-to-know-you games, table tennis and bar service

Wed, 18.10., 12.00 hrs 1st Lunch Break for body and soul 12.00 hrs Spiritual impulse, 12.30 hrs Soup for all

Thu, 19.10., 11.30-13.30 Welcome Café in the Alte Spinnerei (Kulmbach Campus) (ecumenical)

Sat, 21.10., 10.00-18.00 Introductory Day (not only) for first semester students (ecumenical)

Welcome Day with games, cooking together, thriller city rallye, and much more!

Sat, 21.10., 7.00 p.m. Ecumenical beginning-of-semester service with the Gospel Choir Bayreuth in the KHG, followed by a bar with pizza

Tue, 24.10., 8.00 p.m. KHG bar evening: Game Show Evening with games, fun and excitement

Sat, 28 Oct, all day Ecumenical hike around Bayreuth

Sun, 29.10., 7.00 p.m. 1st KHG Mass in the Albertus Magnus Chapel

Tue, 31 Oct, 8.00 p.m. KHG Bar Evening: Mexican Evening for “Día de los Muertos

Mon, 06 Nov, 20.00 Taizé Prayer in the KHG Chapel (ecumenical)

Tue, 07.11., 20.00 KHG Bar Evening: Bayreuth under National Socialism (working title)
Speaker: Dr. Norbert Aas, historian and former city councillor

Fri, 10.11., 1.00-6.30 p.m. Excursion: Pottery course at the Thurnau Pottery Museum

Sun, 12.11., 19.00 h KHG Mass in the Albertus Magnus Chapel

Tue, 14.11., 20.00: KHG Bar Evening: Open Evening

Thurs, 16.11., 19.30 Pub Quiz of the German university communities (ecumenical)

Tue, 21.11., 20.00 KHG Bar Evening: Creative Evening

Sun, 26.11., 7.30 p.m. Sunday Evening Church in the Irish Pub “Dubliner” (ecumenical) with the Gospel Choir Bayreuth – prepared by KHG and BDKJ, theme: Time and Eternity

Tue, 28.11., 20.00 KHG Bar Evening: Cultural Evening “Georgia”

Sun, 03.12.,19.30 Sunday Evening Church in the Irish Pub “Dubliner” (ecumenical) – prepared by EJ and Stadtkirche

Tue, 05.12, 20.00 KHG Bar Evening: Advent Cultural Evening “Saxony”

Wed, 06.12, 19.00 Forest Christmas (ecumenical)

Sun, 10.12, 19.30 Sunday Evening Church in the Irish Pub “Dubliner” (ecumenical) – with the Swahili Choir Bayreuth, prepared by ESG and Reformed Congregation

Tue, 12.12., 7.00 p.m. Ecumenical Advent prayer with the Swahili Choir Bayreuth in the
Ecological-Botanical Garden of the University of Bayreuth – Topic: Christian Christmas traditions worldwide

Sun, 17.12, 19.30 Sunday Evening Church in the Irish Pub “Dubliner” (ecumenical)
prepared by Kath. Seelsorgebereich Bayreuth and Stadtkirche

Tue, 19.12., 7.00 p.m. KHG Christmas Party

Tue, 09.01., 20.00 KHG Bar Evening: Winter Fire

Tue, 16.01., 20.00 KHG bar evening: Women in the Catholic Church
Speaker: Viola Kohlberger, “Young Synodal” and Diocesan Curate of the DPSG in the Diocese of Augsburg
in cooperation with KEB Bayreuth

Mon, 22.01., 8.00 p.m. Taizé prayer in the ESG (ecumenical)

Tue, 23.01., 19.00 KHG planning night

Tue, 30.01., 8.00 p.m. KHG Bar Evening: “Rum and Chocolate” Tasting Evening

Sat, 03.02, 18.00 KHG-Kerwa
Church Anniversary service and festive evening

Tue, 06.02., 20.00 h KHG bar evening: Chemistry experiments to join in with

Thu, 08.02., 19.00 Ecumenical end-of-semester service in the Stadtkirche

08 – 12 May 2024 Adventure weekend in Saxon Switzerland