(Spontaneous changes are always possible, please follow our website calendar, newsletter, instagram or What’sApp group for the latest news!)

Groups and regular events

Monday, 7.00 hrs (fortnightly from 17 April): KHG Early Morning Prayer

Atmospheric morning prayer, arranged by students, followed by breakfast. In the weeks in between you are cordially invited to the “Prayer and Breakfast” in the ESG.

Monday, 18.00 (weekly from 17 April): Theatre group “The Black Sheep“

Our “Black Sheep” put on a new play every semester. Anyone who would like to be on stage should join by the third meeting at the latest. technicians and creative people for lighting, stage design, costumes, make-up etc. are welcome at any time!

Tuesday to Friday (weekly from 13 April): German courses for refugees

Students give free German lessons for refugees and international students. Please enquire if you are interested!

Tuesday, 19.00 (weekly from 18 April): Get-together for the bar evening

To get you in the mood for our KHG bar evenings, a small snack is provided: to arrive, strengthen yourself and get into conversation (exception: bar evenings where the main focus is on food or which start earlier).

Tuesday, 20.00 (weekly from 18 April): KHG bar evening

THE weekly KHG get-together for everyone with a colourful programme of education, culture and fellowship – you can find this semester’s specific topics under “Individual Events”.

Wednesday, 12.00 (weekly from 19 April): Lunch break for body and soul

We meet for a meditative midday impulse in the chapel, afterwards (around 12.30 p.m.) we spoon vegetarian (but rich!) soup together. All are welcome!

Wednesday, 19.00 (weekly from 26 April): Salsa and Bachata dance class

Open free dance class: beginners 19.00 – 20.00, advanced 20.00 – 21.00. Afterwards you can continue dancing at the Salsa evening in the Glass House on campus.

Wednesday, 19.45 (weekly from 26 April): Gospel Choir Bayreuth

Our ecumenical gospel choir from KHG and ESG rehearses weekly in the chapel. New singers are always welcome!

Thursday, 12.00 (weekly from 13 April): International bible group

We read a biblical text and share freely about it, following the method of “Bible Sharing in Seven Steps”. In English!

Thursday, 18.30 weekly from 13 April): Latin Rhythms dance

Open free dance class with different Latin American dances.

Thursday, 20.00 (weekly from 20 April): Swahili Choir Bayreuth

If you like to sing and dance to lively African rhythms, this is the place for you!

Friday, 20.00 (approx. monthly, after announcement): German-Chinese regulars’ table

Chinese students organise themed evenings on Chinese culture or simply invite you to talk.

Individual events

Sunday, 16 April, 16.00: Germany for Beginners

Entertaining introduction to German culture as part of the Welcome Week of ESN Bayreuth, registration via ESN here: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=JD7WVG2sXkyo1rqXigsobvhgKzi3UMJPij_g41ZxIVVUOExNU0tONVdXSzBERFk3WVExSDJGVFlUTS4u

Tuesday, 18 April, 20.00: KHG-Barabend – Kennenlernabend/ Welcome Evening

Open meeting to get to know each other, exchange ideas and play games!

Wednesday, 19 April, 19.00: Semango – Ecumenical Start-of-Semester Service with the Gospel Choir

We start the semester with a creative and meditative ecumenical service in the ESG. As always, there will be pizza afterwards!

Tuesday, 25 April, 19.00: KHG bar evening – baking tarte flambée

No pizza this time: we bake delicious tarte flambée and have a cosy evening.

Sunday, 30 April, 11.00: Climate Breakfast with Jesuit Father and climate activist Jörg Alt

Jörg Alt is a Jesuit priest from Nuremberg who has been involved in climate policy for several years and has also caused a stir with provocative actions such as street blockades. In his lecture, he will present his problem analysis as a starting point and plead for a cultural change according to criteria of the Catholic Social Teaching. After a spiritual input from the KHG and ESG, a workshop will take place. In this workshop, the participants will be able to consider concrete possibilities for action for local problems, true to the motto “From thinking to acting”. The event will take place in a relaxed setting with a mostly vegan and fair-trade breakfast.

Cooperation: ESG and Forum 1.5 of the University of Bayreuth (as part of the “Spring Forum”).

Sunday, 30 April, 15.30: Alumni meeting of KHG and ESG

Cordial invitation to all alumni as well as all active students who feel connected to KHG and ESG!

Programme: 15.30 coffee in the ESG Bayreuth, followed by a walk around the campus. Around 18.30/19.00 ecumenical prayer in the KHG, followed by a barbecue in front of the KHG, and a pub crawl at the end if you are interested.

Please register!

Monday, 1 May: Cave hike in Franconian Switzerland

We will hike through the rocky landscapes of Franconian Switzerland, passing exciting caves along the way. The exact meeting point and itinerary will be announced later!

Registration is requested.

Tuesday, 2 May, 20.00: KHG Bar Evening – Theme Evening Israel

Israel is a small, terribly torn, but at the same time enormously diverse, fascinating and hospitable country. We will learn more about it this evening and perhaps also try some of the multicultural Israeli cuisine.

Tuesday, 9 May, 20.00: KHG Bar Evening – Dance Evening

For all those who like to shake a leg. Classic standard dances will be danced and, if required, demonstrated. Slightly dressy attire is definitely desired!

Sunday, 14 May, 19.00: KHG Mass

About once a month we celebrate a Holy Mass in the KHG Chapel, which is co-organised by students. Pizza is served afterwards. Cordial invitation!

Tuesday, 16 May, 20.00: KHG Bar Evening – Cultural Evening Baden-Württemberg

Clichés, culture and culinary delights from the “Ländle” – the “somewhat different” cultural evening!

Wednesday, 17 May, 19.30: Cultural Evening Italy

Ecumenical evening in the ESG: Italian cuisine and culture – an evening to enjoy and celebrate!

Tuesday, 23 May, 19.00: KHG Bar Evening – Thriller Dinner

While a multi-course menu is served in elegant surroundings, all participants slip into a role from a crime story. Now the task is to find out which of the people present is a murderer or murderess!

Registration by Tuesday, 16 May – a contribution towards expenses will be charged.

Tuesday, 30 May: Excursion to Lake Trebgast

The Tuesday after Whitsun is traditionally a lecture-free day and therefore a great day for excursions. This time we will go by train (or for the sporty ones: by bike) to Trebgaster See, where we can swim, picnic and go pedal boating. More information will follow!

Friday, 2 June, 18.30 pm: Afghanistan: No place for women? – an evening about women’s rights

Ecumenical evening at the ESG, in cooperation with the Bayreuth section of Amnesty International.

Speakers: Parwana and Fatima

Sunday, 4 June, 19.00: KHG Mass

About once a month we celebrate a Holy Mass in the KHG chapel, which is co-organised by students. Pizza is served afterwards. Cordial invitation!

Tuesday, 6 June, 20.00: Woman-Life-Freedom: 44 years of struggle for women’s rights in Iran.

Ecumenical evening in the KHG, in cooperation with the Bayreuth s of Amnesty International.

Disturbing images keep reaching us from Iran: schoolgirls being poisoned, young women and men being tortured and executed, but also incredible scenes of courage, solidarity and resistance. Women from Iran will tell us about the current situation, but also explain the background and history.

Speakers: Nina Afschari, Initiative Frau-Leben-Freiheit Nuremberg/Erlangen and Mitra Sharifi Neystanak, Chairperson of the Migrant Women’s and Migrants’ Advisory Council of the City of Bamberg, active in the uprising against the Shah in her youth.

Wednesday, 7 June – Sunday, 11 June: Protestant Church Congress in Nuremberg

A major church event with exciting church services, panel discussions, participatory activities, concerts and much more. Our KHG alumna Sara is organising a joint trip – please let us know if you are interested!

Tuesday, 13 June, 20.00: Chemistry experiments

Thursday, 15 June, 19.30: Online pub quiz of the German university communities

We will meet again ecumenically and quiz with many other university congregations for the cup!

Tuesday, 20 June, 20.00: Spontaneous evening

Wednesday, 21 June, 19.30: Spiritual walk. Ecumenical devotion with the Swahili Choir in the Ecological-Botanical Garden.

A highlight of the summer semester! We celebrate a service in the midst of the ÖBG’s blossoms. Afterwards we will have a barbecue.

Sunday, 25 June, 19.00: KHG Mass by the Fire

In keeping with St John’s Day, we will celebrate Mass in front of the KHG by the fire bowl. Afterwards we stay together with pizza and stick bread.

Tuesday, 27 June, 20.00: Calligraphy, inscriptions and book illumination – Development of writing in the Christian Middle Ages – as part of CampusKulturWoche

An exciting journey through time into the art of writing in past centuries!

Tuesday, 4 July, 20.00: Creative Evening

An evening to join in and create – more information to follow.

Wednesday, 5 July: Ecumenical Beach Volleyball Tournament

We will again compete in a friendly way with students from ESG and SMD. Time and place to be announced.

Tuesday, 11 July, 19.00: Planning night

The KHG programme lives from your ideas and creativity – everyone is invited to join in!

Friday, 14 July, 19.00: Ecumenical end-of-semester service with the gospel choir in the Ecological-Botanical Garden

We will close the semester with an ecumenical service in the ÖBG, followed by a barbecue in front of the KHG.

Tuesday, 18 July: Intercultural ice cream tasting with ESG and MHG

More information will follow.

Sunday, 23 July, 19.00: KHG Mass

About once a month we celebrate a Holy Mass in the KHG Chapel, which is co-organised by students. Pizza is served afterwards. Cordial invitation!