Welcome to our events in the winter semester 2022/23!

The KHG sees itself as an open space where everyone can take part in events or get engaged in organising them. Feel free to join in whatever way you like: whether you come to pray or just to relax and meet people, whether you come just once in a while, or every week, or spend your whole week with us doing your homework and drinking coffee – you’re welcome regardless!

Regular meetings:

Sunday, 19.00 hrs: KHG Mass followed by a meeting at the bar (approx. once a month).

Mon, 7.00 hrs: Early shift (morning prayer) with breakfast (fortnightly)

Mon, 18.00 hrs: Meeting of the theatre group “The Black Sheep”

Tue, 18.00 hrs: Rehearsal of the ecumenical “Gospel Choir Bayreuth”

Tue, 20.00 hrs: KHG bar evening (a snack is available from 19.00)

Wed, 12.00 hrs: Lunch break for body and soul (12.00 Spiritual impulse, 12.30 soup for all)

Wed, 19.00 hrs: Salsa and Bachata class

Thu, 20.15 hrs: Rehearsal of the “Swahili Choir Bayreuth”

Fri, 20.00 hrs: German-Chinese regulars’ table (approx. fortnightly)

Also, there’ll be German language courses – please inquire, if you’re interested!


Special events:

Tue, 04.10., 19:00: Movie night “Ukrainians – the movie”

(as part of the Intercultural Weeks of the City of Bayreuth)

Description: “Ukrainians. The Movie” is a story about the everyday life of the most unknown country on the European continent. The film is composed of six stories woven into one screen. They reflect an ordinary day in Ukraine, shaped by unusual people. The main characters of this strip have no connection with each other, their worlds are different. But it is precisely these differences that unite the country.

Introduction: Dr. Nicolai Teufel, University of Bayreuth

Organizers: German-Polish Society Bayreuth e.V., Catholic University Community Bayreuth

Fri, 07.10., 7.00-9.00: Ecumenical breakfast for early starters in the KHG

Enjoy a delicious breakfast before the pre-course, meet new people and start the day relaxed – KHG and ESG cordially invite you. Come and go when you want!

Fri, 07.10.,16.30: Uni Bayreuth Welcome Week for international students: Get to know KHG and ESG

KHG and ESG present themselves during a cosy get-together with coffee, tea and cake at the ESG.

Sat, 08.10., 18.00: Speed Friending

Organised by ESN (Erasmus Students’ Network) as part of the ESN Welcome Week

Wed 12.10., 7.00-9.00: Ecumenical breakfast for early starters at the ESG

Enjoy a delicious breakfast before the pre-course, meet new people and start the day relaxed – KHG and ESG cordially invite you to do so. Come and go when you want!

Fri, 14.10., 16.00-20.00: Germany for Beginners

A humorous and delicious introduction into German geography, culture and food, especially for international students.

Organised by ESN (Erasmus Students’ Network) as part of the ESN Welcome Week

Language: English

Mon, 17.10.: Start of lectures

Mon, 17.10., 19.30: Campus Evening

At the Campus Evening (formerly Mensa Evening), the various student groups and initiatives of the University of Bayreuth introduce themselves to the new students. Of course, KHG and ESG will be there again. You are welcome to get to know us without obligation!

Tue, 18.10., 20.00: KHG bar evening: “Werewolf” game evening with bring-your-own dessert buffet

A get-to-know-you evening for old and new faces – we play the popular group game “Werewolf”. For the small breaks in between there is the possibility to strengthen yourself at the bar with drinks and desserts – we would be happy if you bring a delicious dessert for the buffet!

Sat, 22.10., 10.00-18.00: Ecumenical Come-together Day (not only) for first-year students

You are cordially invited to the ESG and KHG Come-together Day on Saturday, 22.10.2022!

The KHG (Katholische Hochschulgemeinde) and the ESG (Evangelische Studierendengemeinde) want to give you the opportunity to make first contacts with other students, to ask questions and to get to know Bayreuth a little better.

Start at 10 a.m. in the ESG (Richard-Wagner-Straße 24).

– “Meet & Greet”
– games to get to know each other
– cooking together
– lunch
– Possibly visit the city church and climb the tower (great view over Bayreuth!)
– city rally
– Coffee and cake at the KHG
– Information for first-year students from the Central Student Advisory Service and the International Office

After a breather and a change of scenery, the ecumenical beginning-of-semester service will take place in the KHG chapel at 7 p.m. to conclude the get-to-know-you day. Afterwards, the bar will be open and pizza will be served!

If you would like to take part in this day of getting to know each other, please register by 20.10. by e-mail (khg@uni-bayreuth.de or esg.bayreuth@elkb.de) or in the offices of the KHG or ESG.

Participation fee: 7 €

We are looking forward to your coming!

Sat, 22.10., 19.00: Ecumenical service at the beginning of the semester (SemAnGo)

KHG and ESG start the semester together with a special service in the KHG Chapel, accompanied by our wonderful Gospel Choir. Afterwards, there will be socializing at the bar with pizza and fall bonfire with stick bread!

Sun, 23.10.: Hike around Kulmbach

Look forward to a nice hike in colourful autumn scenery. Always one of the best occasions to get to know new people!

Tue, 25.10., 20.00: KHG bar evening: Dance evening

Fri-Sun, 28.-30. 10.: Gospel Choir Anniversary Weekend

Tue, 01.11.: All Saints’ Day holiday – KHG closed

Fri, 04.11., 16.00-18.00: Meeting of the KHG Strategy Team

Fri, 04.11, 18.00: Interreligious cooking evening with ESG and MHG (Muslim University Group) in the ESG

Mon, 07.11, 20.00: Ecumenical Taizé prayer in the KHG

One hour of meditative singing, prayer and silence in the KHG chapel, followed by a get-together with tea and cookies.

Tue, 08.11., 20.00: KHG bar evening: Spontaneous evening

We sit comfortably at the bar, chat, play games – or whatever else comes to mind.

Thu, 10.11., 19.30: International Pub Quiz of university chaplaincies

We will be competing against other university communities in an online quiz – this time not only nationwide, but internationally. In English!

Sat, 12.11.: “Summit meeting” of the Bavarian university chaplaincies in Ingolstadt

A warm invitation to spend a day in Ingolstadt and meet people from other university communities.

Discover that Ingolstadt has much more to offer than cars: Bavaria’s first university was founded here, the Bavarian Purity Law was proclaimed and Faust and Frankenstein were up to mischief in the city.

What to expect:

08.00: Train from Bayreuth Main Station

10.10 a.m.: Meet at Ingolstadt North Station.

10.15 am: Walk to the KHG and first orientation

11:30 a.m.: Climbing the cathedral tower

12:15 p.m.: homemade pizza from the wood-burning oven in the KHG

14:30: Actionbound tour through Ingolstadt’s university history in small groups

5:00 p.m.: Liturgy of the Word

18:00: Small beer tasting and snack in the KHG

20:02: Take train back to Bayreuth

21:58: Back at Bayreuth Main Station

Costs: 10€ per person for food and drinks (to be paid on site); travel costs between 12 and 20 € per person with “Bayern Ticket”.

Please bring a smartphone with the Actionbound app installed, weatherproof clothing and a good mood.

Please register by 06.11.2022 to your KHG!

Tue, 15.11., 19.00: KHG Bar Evening: Crime Dinner 3.0

Have a delicious dinner while being part of a crime mystery story. Registration required. More information will follow!

Wed, 16.11., 20.00: Fair Trade & Cocoa evening (at the ESG)

An informative and sweet evening around the topic of Fair Trade

Sat, 19.11., 9.30 – 11.30: Pastoral care and the penal system in Bavaria’s third-largest prison: tour and exchange at Bayreuth Prison

What does it mean to be in prison for months or even years? How does the penal system work today? And what role does pastoral care play in it?

Pastoral advisor Alexander Dörfler, Catholic chaplain at Bayreuth Prison, will guide us through the prison and tell us about life behind bars.

Meeting point: Main entrance Markgrafenallee 49

Places are limited – please register in good time with your name and email address! Registration deadline: 15.11.

Admission only with valid identity card or passport.

Tue, 22.11., 20.00: KHG bar evening: Advent wreath crafting

Learn to make the traditional German Advent wreath. Registration required, more information will follow.

Thu, 24.11.: Annual academic celebration of the University of Bayreuth (at Audimax)

Sun, 27.11., 18.00: Sunday Evening Church in the Dubliner Irish Pub

Take part in a (somewhat different) religious service while enjoying food and drink at the Dubliner Irish Pub!

Followed by the opportunity to watch the Men’s World Cup football match Germany – Spain at 20.00 in the Dubliner.

Tue,, 29.11.,20.00: KHG Bar Evening: Ukraine: Europe’s War

An evening with the photographer and war correspondent Till Mayer.

People in air-raid shelters, soldiers at the front, war wounds, corpses and rubble, grief and despair; but also lives that nevertheless go on, cohesion, hope and courage: photographer Till Mayer has seen it all. He has been travelling to Ukraine regularly for several years to report from the war zone. His pictures do not tell of big politics, but of personal fates and of people who retain their unique dignity in the midst of war.

Shortly after returning from his latest research trip, he will report on the current situation in Ukraine and let us share in the lives of the local people through his pictures.

Admission is free, donations for aid projects in Ukraine are welcome!

Wed, 30.11., 19.00: Advent devotion in the Ecological-Botanical Garden with the “Swahili Choir Bayreuth”

We celebrate a special Advent devotion in the exhibition room of the Ecological-Botanical Garden of the University of Bayreuth, accompanied by African songs of our “Swahili Choir Bayreuth”. Afterwards we will meet outside by the fire for punch and gingerbread.

Sun, 04.12, 19.30: Sunday Evening Church in the Dubliner Irish Pub

Take part in a (somewhat different) religious service while enjoying food and drink at the Dubliner Irish Pub!

Tue, 06.12., 19.00: KHG Christmas party/ St Nicholas party

Sun, 11.12., 19.30: Sunday Evening Church in the Dubliner Irish Pub

Take part in a (somewhat different) religious service while enjoying food and drink at the Dubliner Irish Pub.

This Sunday Evening Church will be prepared by KHG and ESG. Listen to Christmas songs from our Ecumenical Gospel Choir!

Special: The “Light of Peace” from Bethlehem will be distributed.

Tue, 13.12., 19.00: KHG Bar Evening: Men’s World Cup – Public Viewing of the Semi-Finals

Fri, 16.12., 20.00: Ecumenical “Forest Christmas”.

We celebrate Christmas in the depth of the Bayreuth forests. More information will follow!

Sun, 18.12., 19.30: Sunday Evening Church in the Dubliner Irish Pub

Take part in a (somewhat different) religious service while enjoying food and drink at the Dubliner Irish Pub!

Beforehand, there will be an opportunity to watch the Men’s World Cup semi-final in the Dubliner from 4pm.

Tue, 20.12., 20.00: KHG Bar Evening: Pre-Christmas Cinema Evening

We’ll get cosy with punch, gingerbread and a Christmas film …

24.12.- 06.01. Christmas break

No lectures – KHG will be on holiday, too

Tue, 10.01., 20.00: Fondue evening

Fri-Sun, 13.-15.01.: Ecumenical “Time-out” Weekend

A weekend for relaxation and fellowship in Franconian Switzerland. We stay overnight in a self-catering house where we cook together, play games, hike, celebrate worship, make music, light a fire and much more.

Tue, 17.01., 20.00: KHG Bar Evening: Franconian Cultural Evening

From “Beer Franconia” to “Wine Franconia”, from the hidden villages of the Franconian Forest to the old railway and industrial city of Nuremberg, from the barren karst landscapes of Franconian Switzerland to the gentle river valleys of the Lower Main: Franconia is a diverse and idiosyncratic spot on earth with special people, an exciting cultural history, original dialects and of course many culinary specialities.

On this evening we will playfully get to know the special features of our region and taste some of the solid and liquid “staple foods” of Franconia!

Fri-Sun, 20.-22.01.: FHoK Winter Meeting in Lüneburg

Nationwide meeting of the Catholic university communities.

Mon, 23.01., 20.00: Ecumenical Taizé Prayer in the ESG

One hour of meditative singing, prayer and silence in the ESG chapel, followed by a get-together with tea and biscuits.

Tue, 24.01, 18.30: Planning night

We’ll be planning the summer semester 2023!

Thu, 26.01., 19.00: Online networking meeting of the Bavarian University Chaplaincies

Tue, 31.01, 20.00: KHG Bar Evening: Exciting Experiments with everyday objects from the household

Prof. Dr. Birgit Weber, Chair of Inorganic Chemistry IV, University of Bayreuth

Sat, 04.02., 18.00: KHG Kerwa (KHG Chapel Anniversary Feast)

Church service for the consecration day of our Albertus Magnus Chapel, followed by social gathering with Open Stage

Tue, 07.02., 20.00: KHG bar evening: “Getting into conversation the right way” – how does that work? (working title)

An evening on psychological conversation and non-violent communication.

Speaker: Dr. Wolfgang Schoppek, senior academic councillor at the Department of Psychology, University of Bayreuth

Fri, 10.02., 19.00: Ecumenical end-of-semester service (SemSchluGo)

KHG and ESG end the semester together with a special service in the Stadtkirche, accompanied by our wonderful gospel choir. Afterwards there will be a social gathering in the ESG with pizza!

Fri, 10.02.: End of lectures